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King's Colour, 7th Foot, the Royal Fusiliers, 1775

From original at West Point

          Regimental Colour, 7th Foot, the Royal Fusiliers, 1775

King's Colour, 23d Foot, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Regimental badge, King's Colour, 7th Regt, the Royal Fusiliers

Regimental Colour, 9th Foot, 1772.  The original colour was made new in 1772, with the wreath from the earlier colour of 1757-1759 sewn into center rather than a new wreath embroidered.  The union on this colour appears to be somewhat larger than the usual, and the older pattern wreath is quite small by later standards, but the reproduction is based on remains of original rather than regulations or conjecture. 

Center of Regimental Colour, 43d Foot, 1774

 Regimental Colour, 43d Foot, 1774                                             Regimental Colour, 5th Foot, 1773                               Regimental Colour, 52d Foot, 1795, altered 1801