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DuPage Military Flag has research, experience, and expertise in all periods of American military history.  Below are examples of British, French, and American colors of the Revolutionary period.

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All DuPage flags are made per original flags as actually manufactured.  Thus, for example, the corner-to-corner St Andrew's cross on reproductions of most British colours circa 1760-1790 is narrower than actually called for by regulation.  This was probably done as an economy of materials--all white stripes could be cut to same size from single width of white silk with no waste.  French drapeaux are made in correct proportions of 2-1-2 (corner/cross/corner).

While most flags prior to the 20th century were painted, some were embroidered.  DuPage Military Flags can now offer fully embroidered colors, or in some cases do a painted facsimile of a flag that was originally embroidered.